­A new and more flexible way of working

News – Tuesday, December 20th, 2016

Is has almost been a year since the Camden Climate Change Alliance launched its new self-financing model with the aim of continuing  supporting Camden business in their sustainability path.

The CCCA plays a key role in contributing to our borough-wide carbon reduction target (40% by 2020), and specifically, in engaging and supporting the business sector to do their bit. Camden’s commercial sector buildings account for 66% of all carbon emissions in the borough.

The Alliance was formed in 2008 with the support of Camden’s Local Strategic Partnership. The original model offered free membership and support to organisations of all sizes and it began selling carbon services to Camden businesses in 2011/12 on a limited ad hoc basis. By 2014/15 year end, the Alliance had achieved a 9% emissions reduction from its 2008 baseline (equivalent to a £5 million energy cost saving). Currently the alliance has over 250 members representing a third of all Camden’s commercial sector emissions.

Camden Climate Change Alliance is the only organisation in the borough that can provide this knowledge sharing/collaborative platform for Camden businesses and institutions at a low cost but high value membership. It offers a number of, paid-for, consultancy services including ISO systems setup, advanced carbon footprint, waste / energy audits, and private training sessions. The most recent addition is to offer Display Energy Certificates (DECs) as a certified provider.

There are many reasons why you should join this Alliance including: networking connections with the business community, access to a wealth of specialist knowledge from organisations leading on economic development in the borough, access to trusted reputable environmental advisors and an engaged advisory board that is constantly looking at developing the alliance to be at the forefront of its business.

We are planning a members event for early spring 2017 where will would get together to celebrate the achievements of local businesses who have gone out of their way to deliver sustainable services and products. We will also be able to reflect further on the achievements of the Alliance as a whole.