A refreshed website

News – Tuesday, March 5th, 2019


We recently made some changes to our website as part of our strategy to increase our reach and improve our online offer. The focus was around improving the site navigation which now includes an ‘all sections’ dropdown menu (located at the right end of the top navigation bar), so you can clearly see, in one view, all the information you can find on our website. We also simplify the design to highlight what is important.

As part of this development, we have included a whole range of new resources which can easily be searched for using the new filtering function covering subject areas (e.g. energy, air quality, etc.) and sectors (business, schools and third sector). We also included a new ‘CSR Match’ service to facilitate and enable positive collaborations between local businesses, schools and community organisations.

If you have any comments or suggestions of how we can continue to improve our website, please contact us on camdencca@camden.gov.uk