What we do

About us

The Camden Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) is a trusted not-for-profit membership network founded by the London Borough of Camden in 2008. We bring together businesses, public sector organisations, and Business Improvement Districts across Camden and empower them to make a positive impact on the environment. Members of the CCCA pledge to collectively report and reduce their impact on the environment and in return we offer them the tools, support, and services to enable them to do so.

Our goal is to support Camden’s business, public and voluntary sector to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2020. The savings that our members make help Camden and London to meet its commitment to tackling climate change and will improve the local environment and local air quality.

Becoming a member will help you to reduce your business overheads, meet customer and stakeholder expectations, meet tendering requirements, and ensure you are compliant with energy and carbon regulations.

How we do it

We offer flexible membership options and provide you with the tools, resources and guidance to manage emissions and make savings. Our members measure and report their emissions to the CCCA annually, so you can use our membership as the catalyst towards effective emissions management. We offer two levels of membership depending on the level of support you require. Find out more about our membership benefits and see who our current members are.

Alongside our membership, we also offer sustainability consultancy services that will help you achieve your energy and carbon reduction objectives. Our services range from bespoke workshops for your team, to energy audits and support in setting up or adapting your Energy and Environmental Management System, and more. Find out more about our services and products.

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Annual reports

Here you can download our most recent annual reports: