An inspired new beginning. But why?

News – Thursday, February 25th, 2016


Thank you for visiting your brand new CCCA website, I hope that you can take time to have a good look around. If we haven’t met before, my name is Chris and my role over the last 10 months has been to implement the business plan for what we can call the CCCA’s Self-Sufficiency Strategy. Our aim is to take the CCCA from an in-house local Government funded initiative into a financially self-sufficient and dynamic social enterprise, which still maintains its close on-going relationship with the Council in order to achieve our joint emissions reduction mission.

Being self-sufficient allows the CCCA to be dynamic, and innovate with the rapidly changing pace of the energy and environmental sector. Growing the membership and increasing the impact of the service is key to self-sufficiency and also gives us flexibility to invest in services, training and tools. This will benefit your organisation while also continuing to improve the local environment. We see this as a fantastic opportunity to offer a dynamic service to the businesses and organisations of the London Borough of Camden that will improve year on year.

Apparently there was a re-launch? What were you re-launching?

We recently held the CCCA re-launch event. For those who couldn’t make it, you missed a great night. Check out our Twitter link for some fun snaps and see what other members thought.
At the re-launch we hosted some truly inspirational speakers. Special thanks to Stephen Mckinnell (SOAS, Head of Energy) , Sarah Carey ( British Land, Head of Sustainable Places), and Jonathon Porritt, CBE (Founding Director of Forum for the Future and writer) for being our expert speakers. They joined the immensely supportive Camden Cllr Sally Gimson, to give their views on local collaboration and the bigger picture at hand. Thank you also to Exterion Media and Argent; (both local Camden businesses and friends of the CCCA) for sponsoring the drinks and nibbles for the evening. The prospect of a glass of wine after work always gives an extra incentive for a strong attendance.

So why did we ’Re-launch’? We held this event to reward CCCA members leading the change in 2015, and to share the new tools and ideas to members. We have now also entered the transition process towards the self-sufficiency pathway explained above. This transition should be celebrated and we want you to join us for the journey.

So what is new about the CCCA?

  • New website – Register, login and check it out
  • CCCA Carbon Tracker – Coming soon. An online tool that allows you to track and analyse energy both manually and automatically.
  • New online Forum – tap into the local knowledge and ask the CCCA team any question on sustainability.
  • New Resources – Different sustainability topics have been neatly arranged and filled with corporate environmental guides. We will upgrade and add to them while writing Blogs to give you up to date coverage on corporate sustainability topics in the UK.

If there’s a topic that you need explaining, or just want to give us your feedback on what’s already there. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch on

New membership

A new membership structure is now in place alongside our carbon consultancy services. These memberships are designed to give low cost support and continuous learning to those who require it. There are now three membership levels – Basic, Premium and Data.

  • All organisations open with the Basic membership. It remains free to join. You can report your energy and carbon emissions to Camden, gain full access to the tools and online knowledge that the website holds, post on the forum, plus apply for our Marks of Achievement awards to show your business credentials.
  • Next up is our Premium membership. This is for organisations who want a sustainability expert dedicated to their needs. Our expert will meet with you and support you in your sustainability roadmap while providing a carbon report each year. You will get great value out of the membership, especially if you feel that you’re not quite ready for consultancy services, but still want dedicated input and guidance from sustainability professionals.
  • Finally, we have a new Data membership. This will be launched along with the CCCA Carbon Tracker, and is focused on data management. That means carbon, energy, water, consumption, generation, and the rest. Watch this space.

Final thoughts

That sums up our re-launched CCCA, we hope you like it, and get great value from us and our skills. We are here to help you learn about, measure, and manage your environmental impact. We also want to help you celebrate your success and achievements.

If you haven’t contacted us already, call, email or sign up as a basic member and get to know us. It’s free after all.