Another successful year for the CCCA. Annual Report 2016 now available

News – Thursday, May 4th, 2017


2016 saw an impressive 27% borough wide reduction in commercial and industrial emissions since 2008, and 67% of members who provided the data have seen a reduction in their emissions compared to a year earlier. These reductions are all against a backdrop of increasing population and business growth in the borough which is no mean feat.

There are still many challenges out there as we strive to meet our 40% reduction target by 2020 not least that of obtaining good quality data by which we can measure our performance. This is one of many areas where the CCCA can provide assistance to members, and I would urge you to look out for and attend the various workshops that the CCCA run throughout the year which are packed with useful advice on this and many other helpful topics to get you on the right track.

Thanks again to all our members for their contribution over the last 12 months. It’s not always easy working in our own organisations to reduce emissions but the encouragement and support is out there amongst our members and I would encourage anyone who is not yet signed up to come and join our community to work collectively to help make Camden the greenest and most sustainable borough in the country.

Download the report: CCCA Annual Report 2016

Stephen McKinnell – Chair of the CCCA Advisory Board & Head of Energy Management, SOAS, University of London