Anti-Idling at Brecknock Primary School: Case Study

Case studies and blog posts, Schools – Monday, June 7th, 2021

Idling Action London is a London-wide behaviour change campaign, led by Camden Council, which is helping to reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists leaving their engines running when parked.

Encouraging people to switch off by educating them about the health impacts of air pollution, and explaining why it is good to switch your engine off, are simple ways to instantly reduce vehicle emissions in London.

It is especially important to tackle idling at schools because of the number of primary schools in London that are situated in areas that exceed the legal pollution limits, the vulnerability of children to the effects of air pollution, and instances of idling vehicles around primary schools.

Through the project, Year 5 students at Brecknock Primary School recently took part in an air quality workshop where they learnt about air pollution, where it comes from, and about why clean air is important for them at the school.  The students thought of ways they can avoid and reduce their own exposure to pollution, and encourage others – family, friends, and other students – not to contribute to pollution.

The students learnt that an anti-idling campaign was an effective way to reduce the air pollution they might be exposed to at school.  The students were set challenges – to design posters to help spread the Engines Off message to remind drivers not to idle their engines when parked outside their school and to prepare pledge sheets with the aim to persuade parents, teachers, governors and any drivers in the school community to sign the class pledge not to idle.

Idling Action London offers a wide range of support and resources on tackling idling and improving local air pollution. To find out more about how your school or organisation can benefit from Idling Action’s campaign, please visit their website or contact Natalie Curd, Lead Project Officer, at