#BinTheButt campaign

News – Wednesday, August 7th, 2019


Did you know cigarettes are the most commonly littered item in the UK? 

Not only is this unsightly but they never fully biodegrade due to their plastic content. Cigarette filters also contain thousands of harmful chemicals, including arsenic and lead, which can leak into marine environments when dropped down the drain. Studies show just one cigarette butt in a litre of water is highly toxic to fish.

Around 3.6m smokers in the UK have dropped a cigarette down the drain in the past month many of whom do not realise this is littering.

This summer, Camden is joining forces with Veolia and Keep Britain Tidy to launch the #BintheButt campaign to help reduce the amount of cigarette litter on our streets and highlight the harm they can do it goes down the drain.

We need your help!

Alliance members are in a great position to help raise awareness of the campaign message and we are able to offer the following for you to get involved:

  • A4 campaign poster to display in your window or staff noticeboard
  • Information to provide in your staff newsletter/ intranet
  • Links to the social media campaign
  • Cigarette butt ‘voting’ bin loan

Camden’s Cabinet Member for a sustainable Camden with campaign partners The Roundhouse and Veolia, launching the new smoking litter ‘voting’ bin outside the Roundhouse.

The Roundhouse recently loaned a cigarette litter ‘voting’ bin outside their main bar area on Chalk Farm Road, provided by our campaign partner Veolia. Voting bins have proved to reduce local cigarette litter by around 40% in areas where they have been introduced.

Please contact camdencca@camden.gov.uk if you are interested in supporting this campaign.