Business roundtable on the climate crisis

News – Wednesday, July 10th, 2019


A cross-sector roundtable was held in June by the CCCA to provide the business member response to the climate crisis and input into the citizens’ assembly.

A number of barriers were identified by the group including the challenge of changing a culture in an organisation, ageing buildings and infrastructure, building ownership and the need for training and support.

Some opportunities identified were around rewarding best practice, looking at leases, engaging youth and the planning process. Unblocking barriers included further support from the Camden Climate Change Alliance.

Many thanks to the organisations that contributed to this response: Kings Cross EstateServices, GeyerEstates (St Athans Hotel), Alan Turing Institute, Radcliffe Chambers, British Museum, Friends House, TheRoundhouse, Lux Nova Partners, University College London Hospital, Francis Crick Institute, John McAslan+ Partners and Camden Place Board. See the detailed response: Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis, Camden Climate Change Alliance response

Find out more about the Assembly, including updates from the Assembly sessions and access to keynote speakers presentations: Citizens’ Assembly on the climate crisis