Businesses and air quality. What can you do?

News – Sunday, June 16th, 2019

There are many things businesses can do to improve local air quality. Here you will find a number of actions you can implement to reduce air pollution related to your business operations, some of them you might already be doing, others you might want to consider going forward.

As an employer, you can help by raising awareness amongst your employees, engage with your clients and providers, and share your efforts to reduce air pollution with the wider community. Here some ideas of what you could do:

  • Send out an employee call, examples include:
    • leave the car at home
    • walk instead of driving to your local shops or school
    • don’t idle your car engine
    • car-shared with a colleague and drive as smoothly as possible
    • work from home when possible
    • cycle or walk for local work meetings.
  • Share best practice. Inspire customers, businesses and other employers to act by sharing how your organisation is successfully contributing to reducing local air pollution.
  • Work with your suppliers. This could help unlock new ways to reduce pollution. If they visit you, deliver to you, maintain or make something for you, and you’ve not discussed whether you could cut pollution together, why not start the conversation now.
  • Minimise traffic to site through consolidated deliveries and minimising visits by suppliers or tradespeople.
  • Minimise emissions from essential vehicles through increasing the percentage of low emission vehicles in your fleet or asking suppliers to use low emission vehicles. Check the CCCA case study pages for examples.
  • Reduce pollution from building works (the result of dust and dirt from the building process and the use of diesel generators for power).
  • Ensure any onsite boilers are well maintained, and that the whole building system is efficient to minimise fuel burned on site (another pollution source). You could apply to the Camden Climate Fund to upgrade your boiler or lighting.
  • Check that building ventilation systems have the appropriate filters to block out pollution from nearby pollution sources.
  • Change the default delivery settings for websites you order from, to click and collect.
  • Check out the Clean Air for Camden borough campaign for more information Clean Air for Camden

Social media campaign

During the week commencing on 17 June we will be actively promoting what the CCCA and its members are doing to contribute to reducing air pollution in the borough. This is how it will work:

  1. Tweet your message (see examples below) and use both the Clean Air Day hashtag #CleanAirDay and Camden hashtag #CleanAirCamden and mention @camdencca
  2. If you can, take a picture of what you are doing to reduce local air pollution, e.g. using an electric vehicle, walking or cycling to a local meeting and post it on social media using the relevant hashtags and message.
  3. Consider tagging others such as similar businesses in your sector as well as relevant regulatory and umbrella organisations. Remember the idea of this campaign is to spread the word and inspire others.
  4. Keep an eye on what people are posting using the #CleanAirCamden and #CleanAirDay hashtags, it will give you more material to share and ideas about activities planned in the rest of the country

Any questions? Contact the CCCA on 020 7974 3991 / 020 7974 4359 or