Call for businesses: Support for a school green lab needed

Businesses, News – Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

Could you support a disadvantaged Camden students to engage in greening and suitability though play? Think and Do are looking for supporters to help a Camden primary school to establish an inspiring green space for creative play based learning linked to the curriculum

Brecknock Primary are seeking support to design a Green Laboratory at their school. The projects will connect and engage young minds with plants, science and contextual learning through play.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • empower young children to maintain and propagate their local  environment by creating a fun and educational space to stimulate learning
  • to convert a disused area into a green area
  • to engage children in the climate process and the creation of these green areas

The designer of this project is Sean Rodrigo a Walthamstow-based, Artist / Technologist working with creative technology such as virtual reality and 3D printing to achieve engaging, insightful and meaningful projects. Sean has worked on other maker projects such as  the Lottery funded ‘Mini Morris Project’ donated more than 550 paintable plaster bust sculptures of William Morris to children of Waltham Forest. In September 2020, Sean ran a 2 week art exhibition at the William Morris Gallery and now sells the plaster busts in the William Morris Gallery shop.

If you are interested in supporting the creation of a new Green Laboratory please get in touch with Pete at Think & Do via