Camden Council & Power Up North London Partnership

News – Friday, December 11th, 2020

Camden Council  have signed a new partnership with Power Up North London to bring more renewable energy to the borough.

Power Up North London (PUNL) is a community-run organisation which brings together people who want to do something practical about the climate emergency.  PUNL have already installed solar panels on nine different sites across North London, including 3 schools, a GP practice, Kentish Town City Farm and even a golf course. Combined these projects are capable of generating 300 kWp of lovely green electricity.

The PUNL model is designed to deliver a triple wins – CO2 emission reduction, economic and community benefits.

PUNL’s existing projects save 72 tonnes of carbon annually, the equivalent of 26 acres of new forest. There is a financial benefit to the schools and other sites where the solar power is installed, as they benefit from savings on their electricity bills. These projects also provide an opportunity for local people to do something practical with and for their communities to address the climate crisis. PUNL’s work is delivered by volunteers who bring a range of skills – including engineering, marketing, finance and community mobilisation.

So far, over 188 local people have invested over £140,000 through community share offers to cover the costs of installing renewable power.  Shareholders’ capital is returned together with a healthy 1.5% interest.  Any surplus funds are returned to local environmental projects through our Community Energy Fund.

The new partnership between Camden Council and Power Up North London is an opportunity to further scale this work. Together the aim is to bring more renewable solar power to the borough and explore the scope for a first collaborative project on renewable heat. The partnership speaks to a key recommendation of the Camden Climate Assembly, which called for more community-owned and managed renewable energy.

PUNL would like to hear from people who live and work in the borough who might be interested in their work as volunteers and investors. They are also looking for new sites where there might be scope to install renewables.

Contact PUNL here: