Camden Recycles Cups

Camden Climate Change Alliance and Veolia are offering office-based businesses and independent cafes across the borough of Camden the opportunity to receive FREE support and cup collections.


Why recycle cups?
We use almost 3 billion cups per year in the UK, enough to stretch around the world 5.5 times.

Every day, we bin 8 million paper cups in the UK, that’s more than 5,500 per minute.

Less than 4% of paper cups in the UK are currently recycled – be part of the solution!

Paper cups currently can’t be recycled in most mixed recycling bins as they’re made of mixed materials – paper with a plastic lining to make the cup waterproof.

The good news is if that cups are collected separately, they can be recycled.

Take part today!

Office-based businesses and independent cafes will receive:
• FREE internal cup recycling bin (office based businesses only)
• FREE internal resources to communicate to staff and visitors/customers
• FREE training on staff engagement to separate cups appropriately
• 13 FREE cup recycling collections (max 1 per fortnight)
• FREE promotion as a participant through the CCCA,
Veolia and partner networks
• Opportunity to be a case study

Already recycling paper cups? That’s great. Contact us to be put on the map.

How does it work?
• Express your interest by emailing
• Complete form provided
• Receive confirmation to participate
• Site visit, training and resources provided
• Collect cups and arrange collection

Contact us to take part:


Where will the cups go?
Cups are collected by Veolia and sorted and baled in London. They are then sent to a specialist recycling company called James
Cropper which has the technology to separate the plastic lining from the paper exterior. The paper fibres are then processed into new, high-quality paper products while the stripped-out plastic linings are incinerated to provide energy for the paper mill.

Learn more about the process on the James Cropper website:

Spread the word with our project leaflet
CamdenRecyclesCups Leaflet 2022

Posters and staff engagement training material to be uploaded soon

Please refer to the participant terms and conditions
Camden Recycles Cups Participant Terms and Conditions