Camden Town Low Emission Neighbourhood

Camden Council is creating a Low Emission Zone in Camden Town with the goal of reducing air pollution over the next three years by working with the community and local businesses in the Camden Town area.

Actions Camden Council are looking at carrying out include:

  • Trialling a weekend pedestrianisation scheme on Camden High Street, removing all motor vehicles from the stretch between Camden Town station to Hawley Crescent. This will be implemented during the summer and festive periods as well as on National Clean Air Day and Car Free Day, creating a temporary new pedestrianised area. This will provide a safer and more pleasant environment for residents, businesses, and visitors, and all those simply walking through the area to other parts of Camden.
  • Improving and upgrading the walking and cycling connections into and through the Low Emission Neighbourhood.
  • Installing a network of Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) across the Low Emission Neighbourhood, while also reducing emissions from cars and other vehicles around residential roads by taking action to discourage and prevent people leaving their engines idling.
  • Supporting local businesses to reduce emissions from freight deliveries and waste collections, while reducing overall emissions from the market’s activities.
  • Implementing a series of ‘Healthy School Streets’ and ‘Play Streets’ in the area, while reviewing a range of parking approaches that will reduce traffic levels.
  • Targeting building emissions by using  the Camden Climate Change Alliance, and working with Camden Town Unlimited.


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