Camden’s New Climate Action Plan 2020-25

News – Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Following Camden’s Citizens’ Assembly on the Climate Crisis last year, the new Climate Action Plan, an ambitious five-year programme of projects and initiatives that brings to life a vision of a zero-carbon borough by 2030, was approved earlier in June. This will be the first of two plans.

To mark the occasion, Camden Council and Councillor Adam Harrison, Cabinet member for a sustainable Camden launched the plan with an online event last week. The launch was attended by over 60 residents, businesses and schools, eager to hear what the plan means for Camden moving forward and to learn about what climate action is already being practised at these levels in the borough.

During the launch, it was reiterated that over the last 10 years, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from Camden’s own estate and operations, and across the borough as a whole, have reduced by 44% and 39% respectively. However, there remains much more to do, and the new Climate Action Plan sets out a pathway for how this can be achieved.

The projects and initiatives outlined in the plan are themed around People, Places, Buildings and Organisations and deliver on the 17 Citizens’ Assembly recommendations. The recommendations set out how carbon emissions can be reduced in residents’ homes, in their neighbourhood and by the council. These are summarised as:


  • Encouraging low-carbon dietary choices.
  • Making all new homes ‘zero carbon’.
  • Creating more green space on residential streets.
  • Fitting solar panels on as many homes as possible.
  • Campaigning to make CO2 reduction fun.


  • Planting more trees and creating more allotments.
  • Piloting a community energy heating scheme.
  • Installing more ‘segregated’ cycle lanes.
  • Promoting and trialling car free zones and days.
  • Enabling electric transport with infrastructure and incentives.
  • Developers to fund energy efficiency retrofits of old buildings.


  • Establishing a Climate Emergency scrutiny panel made up of experts and residents.
  • All council properties to be fossil-fuel free.
  • Planting trees and retaining public spaces.
  • Improving council communications and engagement on the climate crisis.
  • Mobilising existing community groups to work on tackling the climate crisis.
  • Greening the Council’s operations

Camden Climate Citizen Panel

Achieving the recommendations above and the actions set out in the plan will require an effort by all local residents and businesses. The council aspires to lead by example, but collaboration and engagement with the people and organisations of Camden is even more important.

The creation of the new citizen-led panel came as a recommendation from the citizen’s assembly and will play an important role in continuing to empower citizens on climate issues as well as committing to the delivery of Camden’s new Climate Action Plan at a borough-wide level. The panel will help review the council’s progress against the Climate Action Plan.

The Council are encouraging applicants that live or work in the borough to apply.

For further details on the panel and how to apply, please click here.

The application period runs from Thursday 2 July to Friday 24 July.