Carbon & Energy

Our carbon and energy services include footprinting, reviews & plans, audits and compliance


Carbon footprinting

Understanding and measuring the carbon footprint of your organisation is one of the first steps in establishing a pathway for improvement. It can include an assessment of Scope 1, 2 and 3 activities for your organisation. Our consultancy service can work with you to assess the impacts of your energy and water consumption, waste generation, supply chain and travel, using GHG Protocol best practice methodology.  We will also work with you to include appropriate metrics and baselines.

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Guide: Measure your Carbon Footprint
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Carbon management plan

A carbon management plan provides a roadmap of how your organisation can make carbon and financial savings through specific actions. It can include:

  • Review of your current projects to date and their success
  • Working across different departments in your organisation
  • Analysis of options to meet further carbon reduction targets

Our team can help you through the process of updating or developing a carbon management plan from scratch. We can build confidence through our expert carbon management knowledge and fresh ideas to innovate.

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Display Energy Certificates

Do you need a Display Energy Certificate? Legally required for some organisations, our accredited assessors can help. These assessments provide a rating on a building’s operation with an accompanying Advisory Report providing recommendations to improve energy performance.

Since 2015 all public buildings in England and Wales must display a Display Energy Certificate if they fulfil the following criteria:

  • Total useful floor area is greater than 250m2
  • Occupied in whole or part by a public authority
  • Visited frequently by the public

Display Energy Certificates could play a vital role in your communication strategy. As a voluntary measure, it engages staff and customers in your energy efficiency strategy by providing continuous visibility and transparency of energy efficiency. DECs can also fulfil part of the ESOS requirements for your organisation.

Guide: Display Energy Certificates
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