CCCA Carbon Tracker

Use our CCCA Carbon Tracker to measure and analyse your electricity, gas, transport fuel, travel, waste and water consumption.

The CCCA Carbon Tracker will convert your raw data into carbon emissions, energy, and cost, and provide you with the outputs to identify usage patterns and areas to increase efficiency.

How it works:

All CCCA members get access to a basic version of our CCCA Carbon Tracker for free. Find this is the Resource Library. This gives members the option to measure any 3 emissions sources for their site, e.g.



If you would like to include further emissions sources, sub meters and buildings we can help members (and non-members) produce your carbon footprint and analysis.

As a Premium Member you’ll have an account manager to support you in using this tool effectively, and help interpret your data to make optimal savings.

Through our Consultancy Services  we can complete a more comprehensive extended carbon footprint for you. The CCCA will provide a cost quotation based on the number of facilities, number of sub-meters, and number of emissions sources you have. Please contact the team for further details.



Join the CCCA today to try a free basic version of the tool.