CCCA member achieves Carbon Trust certification

News – Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

CCCA member University College London Hospitals (UCLH) have scored top marks for successfully reducing its carbon footprint by more than 18 per cent in the past two years: an achievement that means they are first in the healthcare sector league table in the Carbon Trust awards. They were also praised for their sustainable-minded staff who helped them save energy (and money).

The Carbon Trust Standard measured the UCLH Carbon footprint over 2 years (2014-16) against the previous 2 years (2012-2014). The benchmark used was the carbon used per patient.

The Certification highlighted their successful initiatives which include:

  • adjusting their existing heating and cooling systems
  • including energy efficient features in new hospital facilities
  • organising awareness events
  • running the UCLH Green Ward competition

Rajnika Patel, Sustainability Development Manager said “This is a great result and reflects the hard work and enthusiasm of many of our staff at all levels, including our environmental leads and carbon champions.”

The Neuropsychology team at the NHNN won this year’s Green Ward competition for successfully reducing their number of paper referrals by 68 per cent since January. They aim to eventually save more than 16,000 pieces of paper a year.

Further improvements were also recommended such as monitoring energy consumption in-house, introducing a specific programme to identify initiatives to meet Government carbon reduction targets and to have a clear plan for future major investment to reduce their carbon footprint.


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