Celebrating Climate Action Case Study: Energy Garden

Case studies and blog posts – Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

Energy Garden is a Community Benefit Society that supports communities to install and maintain gardens on railway stations across London. Community-owned renewable energy generates revenue to fund the gardens and education programmes.

Since 2015, Energy Garden has secured funding to negotiate legal permissions and raise finance for installations; to pay staff to oversee 34 (now 28) gardens on
railway stations; to run school and youth training programs; and to buy materials and equipment to transform schools, estates, and stations into green, health- giving spaces.

They are tackling the climate crisis through:

  • Supporting local communities to install green walls, grow food, plant hedges as air quality buffers, and establish wildlife habitats that increase urban biodiversity.
  • Supporting local communities to install off-grid solar systems and power station amenities like water pumps, fairy lights and phone chargers.
  • First installation is underway for a 231kWh solar array on a transport depot in Streatham.

The aims of the energy gardens are to:

  • raise awareness of environmental issues such as climate change, fossil fuel dependency and renewable energy solutions.
  • create community infrastructure that brings inspiration, cohesion, and concrete examples of what solutions can look like.
  • support communities to cultivate resilience, cohesion, innovation and hope in a time of environmental and democratic crises.

Partners include:

  • Local community groups
  • Station users
  • Charitable foundations
  • Corporate partners
  • Local councils
  • Transport providers

Find out more about Energy Garden London here