Celebrating Climate Action Case Study: Park the Plastic

Case studies and blog posts – Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

Park the Plastic is run by Plastic Free West Hampstead. It is part of the Plastic Free Communities (PFC) campaign launched by Surfers Against Sewage a few years ago. PFC encourages community leaders to implement the campaign in their local area. There are targets to meet before declaring an area as a Plastic Free Community.

  • Get local businesses to replace single-use plastic with sustainable alternatives
  • To get support from local councillors and Council
  • Work with Plastic Free Partner organisations

On tackling the climate crisis

  • Plastic is a contributor to the climate crisis
  • Raising awareness and educating people about why single-use plastic is a problem will encourage individuals to choose sustainable options
  • Showing how to dispose of plastic waste responsibly and by holding litter picking/’Leave No Trace’/Mass Unwrap events.

On supporting the community

  • Local community litter picks.
  • Raising awareness about the single-use plastic problem and awarding local businesses with Plastic Free Champion certificates.
  • Educating local cafes to encourage reuse over disposables by providing ‘Bring Your Reusables’ posters.

Partners involved

• West Hampstead library for a film show
• Little Hands Charity for a ‘Make Your Own Bag’ sewing session
• Local scout group for a recycling challenge/education
• Local festival (Jester) to limit single-use plastic
• Local Friends of the Earth
• Greenpeace groups
• Think and Do to run workshops
• Litter picks and anti-litter campaigns such as ‘Leave No Trace’.
• West Hampstead Amenity & Transport.

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