Celebrating Climate Action Case Study: Refugee Community Kitchen 

Case studies and blog posts – Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Refugee community kitchen was set up in response to the refugee crisis in Northern France in 2015 and they are still there today serving 2000 meals. They have now served over 3.5 million meals all prepared by amazing teams of volunteers.

It fast became evident that food being donated to Calais was not always suitable for the journey and with their skills and volunteers in November 2016 they set up their first outreach services in Camden and now have 8 services in London and Edinburgh. They try to make their services as autonomous as possible, local volunteers, serving locally sourced food to local people, with the intention of building stronger communities. When first starting outreach services in the UK it was thought that they were aiming to reach street sleepers, but it has become so much more. They serve homeless, rough sleepers, people in food poverty, people with mental health issues, drug issues and people who just need connection

They serve food made with love and without judgement.

On tackling the climate crisis

  • Focus on the environmental aspects of their service.
  • Use biodegradable products.
  • They use surplus food for the majority of their services.
  • Since this January alone they have repurposed 37 tonnes of surplus food.
  • Use locally sourced food.

On supporting the community

• The service is for the community, providing hot nourishing meals served without judgement.
• Have held pop ups in areas highlighted as being in food poverty.
• Supporting events run by other organisations such as Think & Do, The Zen project and Mind in Camden.
• Created a safe space for people to be able to commune, eat and share.
• The safe space also allows other services to access people including Nurses Without Borders and Hep C Society, Street Vets.

Partners involved

• Felix Project
• Think and Do
• Mind in Camden
• The Zen project

For more information see their website here