CCCA Carbon Certification

The CCCA Carbon Certification scheme recognises organisations based or operating in Camden that take a best practice approach to measuring and managing their environmental impacts and achieving reductions in their carbon emissions.


Our prestigious local environmental certification provides a trusted reference of businesses’ and organisations’ environmental commitments and achievements.

How does it work?

The certification is awarded based on an organisation’s effectiveness in managing and reducing its carbon emissions, including future plans and commitments. CCCA members can apply for any of the three levels, as well as our extra engagement certification.

Carbon certification

Level 1: Going Green – Awarded to organisations that have begun to manage or are continuing to manage their greenhouse gas emissions.

Level 2: Cutting Carbon – Awarded to organisations successful in reducing their carbon emissions.

Level 3: Carbon Champion – Awarded to organisations that are taking the lead and demonstrating to others how to succeed at carbon management and reduction.

Engagement certification

Team Green – Awarded to organisations that have developed and delivered a good staff engagement programme around sustainability issues which has been successfully running for at least six months.

What are the Benefits?

Benchmarking – Understand your environmental performance and how you compare to businesses in Camden.

Reporting – Be part of the CCCA annual carbon report and contribute to the aim of being a net zero carbon borough by 2030.

Branding and marketing – Use the certification to demonstrate your environmental credentials to your customers, staff and partners.

Guidance and support – Get advice on how you can improve your performance and have the opportunity to share your expertise and network with other local businesses.

How to apply?

The reporting cycle to contribute to the annual report is between November to February. During that period, an online form will be available for you to report your data. Once you have submitted your data, you will automatically be assessed for a certification.


Going Green

  • Report your energy consumption to the CCCA for the latest reporting year.
  • Receive a free environmental assessment (if joining the CCCA for the first time).

Cutting Carbon

  • Report your energy consumption to the CCCA for the latest reporting year.
  • Report a second year of data for a full 12 months demonstrating an overall reduction in emissions or against a suitable benchmark such as annual turnover, FTE staff numbers, a unit of production or gross internal area.

Carbon Champion

  • A written summary (200 words maximum) stating how you are taking a lead and demonstrating to others how to succeed at carbon management and reduction.
  • Evidence of regular action taken to demonstrate leadership in the previous 12 month period.
  • Evidence could be a press release or flyer from an event, a case study, a presentation, the description of a service provided, and so on. All evidence should be dated.

Team Green

  • Design and implement a staff engagement programme across the organisation to have a positive impact on the environment and sustainability.
  • This programme must have been running for at least six months and must clearly demonstrate a positive impact on the environment and sustainability.
Validity and renewal
  • Marks of Achievement are valid for one year
  • Evidence to support the mark is required to be renewed each year
  • An organisation can apply for any of the marks at any time
  • Organisations do not need to progress up the levels if they already meet the criteria of a higher level.

The evidence submitted to the CCCA will become the property of Camden Council and is therefore subject to freedom of information legislation should this information be requested. Data will be treated anonymously when making it publicly available.

The CCCA will use all submitted carbon footprints to produce a carbon footprint total for the entire CCCA member base, building up a picture of the contribution that the CCCA is making to an overall reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from the non-domestic sector in Camden.

The evidence submitted will also be used for internal research purposes to help to continually develop the CCCA into a useful forum for its members, providing the services, events, and advice that they need to meet their carbon challenges.

2021 CCCA Carbon Certification awardees:

Carbon Champion

  • The Wesley
  • Troup Bywaters & Anders
  • UCL
  • UCLH

Cutting Carbon:

  • Acland Burghley Secondary
  • Beck Greener
  • Brookfield Primary School
  • Camden Council
  • Fleet Primary School
  • John McAslan & Partners
  • La Sainte Union Catholic Secondary School
  • Mind in Camden 
  • Netley Primary School
  • Parliament Hill School 
  • Rhyl Primary School
  • Wellcome
  • William Ellis Boys School 

Going Green:

  • Brecknock Primary School
  • Camden School for Girls
  • Hawley Primary School
  • Sheppard Robson
  • The Roundhouse
  • Eleanor Palmer Primary School
  • Shaftesbury Theatre
  • Christopher Hatton School
  • Torriano Primary School
  • Hampstead School 

Team Green:

  • Beck Greener
  • Troup Bywaters & Anders