Changes to business energy bills from April 2019

News – Friday, May 3rd, 2019


The Climate Change Levy

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a tax introduced in 2001 on non-domestic energy users in the UK. It is applicable to the consumption of electricity, gas plus other fuels and is intended to incentivise a reduction in energy use. The CCL is charged only on the energy used and not other components of the bill such as the fixed daily standing rate. CCL is charged alongside VAT on your bill with annual increases normally in line with the Retail Prices Index (RPI).

Last month saw the introduction of higher Climate Charges Levy charges on businesses with a significant year on year increase to take into account the abolition of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.


Is this applicable to my organisation?

For ‘low usage’ businesses or non-domestic purposes a reduced rate of VAT applies and CCL is not included. Low usage is defined as:

Electricity At or below 33 units per day during the billing period
Gas At or below 145kWh per day during the billing period

There may be other exclusions such as charitable non-business use.

Find more information on exemptions:


How will this affect my bills?

For those eligible, the main rates for financial years for electricity and gas are shown below*:

From 1st April 2018 From 1st April 2019 From 1st April 2020
Electricity 0.583p/kWh 0.847p/kWh 0.811p/kwh
Gas 0.203p/kWh 0.339p/kWh 0.408p/kwh

The rate from 1st April 2019 is over a 45% increase for electricity and almost 67% increase on gas compared to the previous year.



How can the Alliance help?

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