Climate Pledge Signatory JPA Workspaces: Where Nothing Goes to Waste

Businesses, Case studies and blog posts – Friday, June 25th, 2021

JPA Workspaces provides more than simply furniture. They demonstrate sustainability in every aspect of their business operations. The workspaces they design are not only driven by the wellbeing and productivity of their occupants but are designed in a way that has minimal environmental impact and maximum economic and social benefit to their local community.

Carbon Neutral Installations

 At JPA, all business operations are localised. This enables them to significantly reduce carbon miles associated with account management, staff travel, planning and installation activities. Many JPA clients are Camden based, within an hour’s delivery time of our head office and warehouse in St Albans and easily accessed by direct sub-20-minute rail links for account managers.

This has enabled JPA to lower their Scope 3 emissions to clients year on year by increasing vehicle loading rate targets to 80% and consolidating runs which are planned and tracked for optimal efficiency. They are committed to being Carbon Zero by 2030, reflecting the green growth ambitions of their local Herts LEP and Growth Hub, where they are based, and their commitments to the Camden Climate Pledge.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

When specifying new furniture, JPA seamlessly incorporates the removal and clearance of redundant furniture into the project. They make sure that nothing goes to landfill. All redundant items are re-used, disassembled for component re-use, or dismantled for materials recycling. This immediately reduces the carbon cost of the project and improves their clients’ environmental performance.

Zero to Landfill

JPA goes one step further.

As well as reducing the carbon cost of clients’ refurbishment and re-location works, JPA have also eliminated single use plastic packaging and furniture to landfill. Leading on the sustainability principle of zero-waste, JPA have thus far recycled over 25,104 unwanted furniture items, eliminating over 584 landfill tonnes and 788 tonnes CO2e.

By offering a full range of repair, refresh, reupholstery and reconfiguration services, JPA ensure that clients’ furniture is kept in optimal condition for longer, maximising their original investment. They work with clients to maintain and control furniture asset spend.

Waste audits are completed to make sure that any still-fit-for-task redundant furniture items can be rehomed within local community and charitable organisations. This provides a valuable community service and meaningful local integration whilst also reducing landfill and waste – a double win!

JPA on the Camden Climate Pledge

Speaking with Fiona Edwards, Head of Sustainability at JPA Workspaces, she said:

JPA signed the Camden Climate Pledge to show key clients based in Camden that we support their sustainability strategies and those of the key geographies where we operate. We firmly believe that a proactive local approach to carbon reduction is effective in improving work and life quality especially and can make significant, measurable difference.


JPA were recognised for their efforts in trying to eliminate furniture waste as winners of the 2019 Sustainable Cities Award for Resource Maximisation, also winning the overall Sir Peter Parker award.  In 2020 JPA were finalists for the Global Good Awards, National SME Green Award and Inspiring Hertfordshire Green Awards.  2021 has just seen a finalist nomination for Furniture Provider of the Year.



For more information on the Camden Climate Pledge please click here. Alternatively, to find out more about JPA Workspaces and their sustainability practices, please contact or call 01727 840800.