Free e-bikes for Camden businesses this Car Free Day

Businesses, Events, News – Monday, September 20th, 2021

Car Free Day will take place on Wednesday 22 September, a day where cities and towns all around the world encourage people to experience streets that are free of motor traffic and help to reimagine public spaces where pedestrians and cyclists are prioritised.

To mark the occasion, Camden Clean Air have partnered with HumanForest to provide all Camden businesses with a discount for HumanForest electric bikes. The iniative is running with businesses in mind to encourage their employees to get involved this Car Free Day and try an alternative way of commuting to work.

With the discount code: CAMDENCARFREEDAY, your employees can receive an additional 30 minutes of free riding, on top of the 10 free minutes automatically received Рmeaning a total of 40 free minutes! Once the time is up the cost of riding is £0.15 per minute.

On Car Free Day only, employees will be able to park the e-bike on business private property/land, making it easy to cycle right up to your workplace entrance. Please note bikes cannot be left on the street.

Are you interested in taking part? Here is what you need to do to access free riding minutes for your employees:

  1. Register your business before Wednesday 22 September to allow your staff to park at work
    • Email: with the subject line HumanForest discount on Car Free Day and include the following message: Hi Camden Clean Air, I would like to register my business for use of the discount code on Car Free Day so my employees can travel to work by HumanForest e-bike.
  2. Download the the HumanForest app and use the code CAMDENCARFREEDAY when registering
  3. Encourage your employees to get involved
  4. Happy riding!

Read more about the HumanForest e-bikes in this blog. Find out more about London Car Free Day and how you can get involved here.