Dominion Theatre – On a path to be carbon neutral by 2021

Case studies and blog posts – Friday, June 28th, 2019

The Dominion Theatre is one of the largest entertainment venues in the West End covering from classics performances to new fringe productions, as well as attractions and exhibitions.

The Dominion Theatre is committed to minimising its impact on the environment. In 2005 they put together their first environmental policy and in 2010 joined the CCCA to further their commitments. Since 2010 they have reduced their scope 1 and 2 emissions by almost 24% and hold the CCCA’s Going Green carbon certification.

Achievements include:

Recent actions implemented to reduce energy consumption include:

  • Replaced old air handling units serving the auditorium, including new efficient controls. This measure is estimated to save over 203,000 kWh, equivalent to 49 tonnes of CO2
  • 105 LED tubes installed to dressing room mirror lights backstage
  • Gallery lighting replaced with LED tubes (saving about 7,220kWh equivalent to 2,5 tonnes of CO2e)
  • Over 885 metres (that is over ½ a mile) of new insulation installed to all exposed heating pipework. This measure is estimated to save around 147,335kWh, equivalent to 26 tonnes of C02e and £4,208.

Sustainability journey

Their journey to reduce carbon emissions for both the Aldwych and Dominion Theatre has a carefully thought out strategy by first establishing their current position from which to benchmark against their ultimate goals. They closely work with the CCCA to analyse potential savings and identified priority areas of action.

We focus on including environmental goals as part of every project we now undertake with regards to refurbishment and capital expenditure. Our aim is to not only look at best practice within the industry but to be a forward-thinking company investing in our future for years to come using the latest technology and advances in the market.

Being able to demonstrate not only the environmental benefits to our staff and stakeholders but the long-term financial benefits provides essential input into our decision-making processes.

Staff engagement has been a key focus in both Theatres, whereas we hold quarterly forums for quality, health, safety and environmental topics. We are able to get some great ideas and initiatives from all of our staff that enables us to set targets and measure our progress along the way so we can share our successes

Jonathan Dixon, Property Services Manager

What is next?

Their ambitious aims to be carbon neutral by 2021. They are already procuring 100% renewable energy for all the utilities.