Effective meetings that are good for business and environment

Case studies and blog posts – Sunday, June 17th, 2018

London Video Conferencing ‘Travel for fun. Not for business’

An IT communications business and CCCA member based in Holborn, London Video Conferencing has specialised for the last 10 years in video conferencing as a service. They are available 24/7 as it is always 9am somewhere. Facilities can be booked by the hour, day or week, to use for the sole purpose to save clients time and money by not travelling. In doing so, they also reduce their business, and their clients, carbon footprint and contribute to reducing local traffic.

Sustainability path
  • They aim to help businesses reduce the need to travel for meetings by at least 25%. To achieve this, they strive to make video conferencing truly accessible, including the convenient hiring option available by the hour, removing the worry about the true cost of video conferencing equipment ownership.
  • In addition to their office facilities, they offer video conferencing solutions to businesses who might benefit from having their own facility.
  • To offset those occasions when face-to-face meetings or visits are required, the company uses their own electric vehicle.


Key achievements
  • They run about 100 bookings a month. Some regular customers, some one-off and then there are the surreal and otherworldly – The Australian Federal Police and United Nations to name but a few.
  • Court serviceMany UK Courts use their services so expert witnesses, usually based around one of the hospitals on Harley St, do not need to travel beyond Holborn to wherever the case is being heard … John O Groats or Lands’ End… even courts in another country.
  • In terms of their video conferencing solutions. A successful example includes Stormharbour Securities based in Mayfair, with offices across the globe, for who they installed a video conferencing solution. Since then, directors who used to fly in from New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain & Portugal for their monthly directors’ meeting, stopped flying. Five years on, they report savings of £250,000 on travelling alone and a reduction of the Carbon Footprint of approximately 1000 tonnes since the installation.
What have they learnt?

One of the biggest challenges they have faced is the belief that effective meetings can only be carried out face to face.

Anil Pachnanda, Director of London Video Conferencing says: ‘Many “older“ businesses believe that a face to face is the only way to do business.  We do totally understand…the first time you meet someone, nothing trumps a face to face, maybe the second time, perhaps the third time but a fourth and fifth and more… do they? That mentality is still hard to nudge and look at another. So, we shifted on trying to push a hard sell, leaving it to the technology to allow us to show the solution in real life. Just by booking one of the rooms by the hour, it allows clients to use the technology in all its glory without any concern other than the fee for one hour.  Having experienced the technology, they usually come back but even if they do not, we have already achieved helping a business to reduce travelling by one.

Many businesses have a policy of allowing staff to work from home. Now, rather than delay a meeting due to members working from home, we have shown businesses how to run meetings without the need to delay or bring the staff in “just” for a meeting …. Imagine all the time, money and carbon that can be saved.

London Video Conferencing and the CCCA

London Video Conferencing wants to take their sustainability commitments to the next level and plan to work with the CCCA to explore options such as renewable energy resources on their buildings, green roofs and green energy suppliers amongst other sustainability measures.

What is next?

Their aim is for the use of video conferencing to become the norm for business meetings. In that sense, as members of the CCCA, their next step is to raise awareness of the benefits of using video conferencing, both financially and environmentally, amongst members of the Alliance. With that in mind, they are offering 15% off any bookings or supply of equipment to CCCA members, including open evenings to allow businesses to become familiar with the technology.