Employee action days

News – Thursday, March 8th, 2018

An Employee Action Day is a bespoke and exciting team building activity. It gives corporate groups the opportunity to carry out practical conservation and environmental tasks to improve green spaces in the borough.

The Conservation Volunteers London has over 50 years experience in organising and leading practical conservation tasks. They offer a bespoke service ensuring the environmental and community benefit of each Employee Action Day is maximised. They work with businesses to identify activities to meet their requirements and ensure that teams have a safe and memorable day.

You can choose from a range of tasks and receive appropriate training to acquire new skills. Working together in a new environment, participants build new synergies with their co-workers, identify their own strengths, and come back energised with the satisfaction of having made a significant contribution.

Corporate volunteering has shown to:

  • increase employee commitment and motivation as they have fun and make a difference to the environment
  • enhance the skills of employees and self- confidence as they take on new challenges
  • encourage team building as they work together on a ‘level playing field’
  • create beneficial publicity and networks with potential partners and clients
  • improve business green credentials and help meet CSR objectives.

Contact the Conservation Volunteers London to find out and arrange an ’employee action day’: corporate-volunteering-london@tcv.org.uk

More information about the action days can be found at www.tcv.org.uk