Energy Management

Managing energy efficiency is not only good for the environment but for the school’s finances. Learn about our energy audits service, corporate energy procurement and Display Energy Certificates.


Energy audits

Our energy audits are conducted on-site so that you can identify areas for further improvements and savings. We use our ISO 50001 and 14001 auditor experience to influence our audits.

The key outcome of the audit is our recommendations report including a range of actions your school can take to improve energy management, reduce consumption and costs. Actions range from low-cost quick-wins to more significant investments with high-impact energy savings.

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Council corporate energy procurement contract

Camden Council offers schools the option to procure gas and electricity through a corporate contract.  This enables the council to negotiate competitive tariffs as well as taking away the admin task of managing the contract.

If you are on the corporate contract you can submit your gas and electricity meter reads to the Council’s Energy Team for verification of correct billing. The Team will validate the bills and will forward them to your supplier. This will ensure that you are billed correctly.

If you want to take part in this arrangement or have any question, please get in contact.

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Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are designed to show the energy performance of public buildings. They use a scale that runs from ‘A’ to ‘G’ – ‘A’ being the most efficient and ‘G’ being the least.

A building must have a DEC if it has a total floor area of over 250 square metres and is frequently visited by the public. DECs last for one year for buildings with a total useful floor area more than 1,000 square metres and for 10 years when the total useful floor area is over 250 square metres and up to 1,000 square metres.

The CCCA has experience in producing DECs for a range of organisations including public buildings, universities and schools. DECs come accompanied by an Advisory Report providing recommendations to improve energy performance.

If your school’s DEC needs renewing or you haven’t got a DEC yet, get in contact for a quote. Our team is accredited to produce Display Energy Certificates which are mandatory for certain organisations.

Guide: Display Energy Certificates
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