Get involved! National Clean Air Day 16 June

Businesses, News, Schools, Third Sector – Monday, May 30th, 2022

Thursday 16th June is National Clean Air Day (NCAD) – the UK’s largest air pollution campaign.  It brings together schools, communities, businesses, and the health sector to improve public understanding of air pollution and its adverse effects.  

Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to our health, no matter who you are or where you live. It can harm every organ in your body and can shorten our lives, contributing to chronic illnesses such as asthma.  

This year, the Clean Air Day campaign is focusing on walking, which has positive benefits for your health and the planet. Simple actions you can take include:  

  • Walk or cycle to work and leave the car at home, where you can.    
  • Choose less polluted routes when walking about  
  • Trial cargo bike deliveries 
  • Talk to your colleagues, family, customers and the wider community about air pollution and how it effects our health  


Camden Council and the CCCA are driving awareness of air quality by mobilising a series of campaigns: 

  • Camden Council was again the first local authority to commit to achieving the updated WHO air quality guidelines, in the shortest possible time, to highlight its commitment to realising the vision for a borough in which no person experiences ill health as a result of the air they breathe. Link 
  • A Play Street will be held outside Great Ormond Street Hospital on the 16th June to highlight the importance of protecting children from exposure to transport emissions  
  • A community event will be held in Somers Town on 16th June showcasing to the community how they can protect themselves from air pollution and how to reduce their contribution to air pollution; and what the Council can do to assist. Link 
  • Camden Council has partnered with AirLabs and the Camden Clean Air Initiative to create an innovative local network of air quality monitoring sensors to aid our understanding of air pollution across the borough 
  • Camden Council is hosting staff engagement sessions, throughout the week of Clean Air Day, with Royal Free and University College London Hospitals to continue to raise awareness about air pollution and health effects, and the role healthcare plays. 

In addition, the CCCA offers a range of free support and resources on air quality issues. This includes: 

 GAP has also produced a collection of free workplace resources to enable employers and employees to gain a better understanding of the importance of workplace air quality for health and to inspire action for cleaner air. For more information, and to access these resources, please click here.