GOSH Declares Climate and Health Emergency

News – Monday, March 22nd, 2021

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) has become the first London hospital to declare a Climate and Health Emergency.

As a result, CCCA member, GOSH are seeking to become a net zero carbon organisation through greatly reducing the carbon emissions they produce and balancing out what remains through the removal of the equilavent from the atmosphere.

GOSH have set the target of acheiving this for the emissions it controls by 2030 (around 24% of total emissions) and for the emissions it can influence by 2040 (around 76% of total emissions).

GOSH recognises that climate change and environmental degradation pose a real, immediate, and growing threat to human health and the climate and ecological emergency is a health emergency.

The World Health Organisation’s estimate that over 80% of illnesses, injuries and deaths due to climate change in in children highlights the impact that the Climate and Health emergency is having on children’s health. GOSH, as a children’s health organisation therefore acknowldege that it has a special responsibility to respond.

GOSH won a CCCA Sustainability award in 2019 for creating the world’s first Clean Air Hospital Framework (a practical guide that details how hospitals can create a healthier environment). The declaration builds upon the hospital’s existing sustainability programme which has so far led to it acheiving GOLD cycle friendly status and significantly reducing its carbon emissions per person through the construction of energy efficient hospital buildings.

In October 2020, NHS England became the first national health service in the world to announce its intention of reaching net-zero emissions by 2040.