Hampstead Cup Recycling Project Breakfast Launch 23rd January 2020

Events, News – Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Are you a business or employee in the Hampstead area and would like to reduce single-use cup waste?

Drop by for the launch of a local cup recycling project on Thursday 23rd January at Ginger & White Café to learn more over free coffee and breakfast 8.30am-10.30am.

Did you know that we use almost 3 billion cups per year in the UK? That is enough to stretch around the world 5.5 times! Camden is now #InTheLoop with Camden Climate Change Alliance partnering with Veolia and Business Improvement Districts in the borough to tackle the problem of disposable coffee cups.

Register to attend and get your free coffee through Eventbrite

What does the project offer?

Camden Recycles Cups is offering office-based businesses and independent cafes across the borough of Camden the opportunity to receive FREE support and cup collections.

Office-based business and independent cafes will receive:

  • FREE internal cup recycling bin (offices only)
  • FREE internal resources to communicate to staff, visitors and customers
  • 6 months FREE collection (max 1 per fortnight)
  • FREE promotion as a participant through the CCCA, Veolia and partner networks
  • Opportunity to be a case study

Already a café recycling used paper coffee cups? Get in touch and we will provide a window sticker to add you to the network.

Why recycle cups?

  • Every day, we bin 8 million paper cups in the UK, that’s more than 5,500 per minute
  • Less than 4% of paper cups in the UK are currently recycled – be part of the solution!
  • Paper cups currently can’t be recycled in most mixed recycling bins as they’re made of mixed materials – paper with a plastic lining to make the cup waterproof.

Benefits to your business

  • Increase your site’s recycling rate.
  • Show leadership on a high-profile issue that employees care about.
  • Start a much broader conversation about reducing waste
  • Encourage employee, client and partner behaviour change towards recycling and reusable products.
  • Improve existing recycling by removing the cups which cause contamination.
  • Be able to create a closed loop system by buying products made from the recycled paper

 If you are unable to attend the event, please register your interest in the project by sending an email to camdencca@camden.gov.uk.