Have your say on the Somers Town Freight Action Plan

Businesses, Community, News – Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Do you have a business in Somers Town? The Somers Town Future Neighbourhood team want to work with you to streamline deliveries and use more sustainable delivery and servicing methods as part of Somers Town Future Neighbourhoods 2030! This will help to address emissions, traffic and parking pressures and road safety within the area.

The team would like to understand your current delivery and servicing requirements and patterns and get your view on a range of potential alternative methods, which may then be trialled! Reducing the number of deliveries to and from your business can save you time and money!

To learn more about the project, trials, and possible cost savings for your business, visit the website.

If you want to be involved:

  1. Complete the questionnaire on your business’s deliveries and servicing (closes for responses on 4th September)
  2. Visit the website if you want to be involved in workshops / further meetings about developing this Freight Action Plan for Somers Town

Please email deliveriesandservicing@camden.gov.uk if you have any questions.