In the Air: Exhibition at Wellcome Collection from 19 May

News – Friday, April 29th, 2022

Welcome Collection will have an exhibition from 19 May to 16 October. In the Air explores our relationship with the air around us. Moving freely across borders and through bodies, air is both vital to our existence and a threat to our health.

The exhibition explores the relationship between the air and earth, from 3.5-billion-year-old fossilised bacteria that first introduced oxygen into the atmosphere to delicate porcelain sculptures of the glaciers that provide a record of the air and our impact on it. It charts the history of activism against pollution from 17th century accounts of coal smoke in London to contemporary protests against levels of toxic air that disproportionately impact communities in our cities. Immersive and imaginative film installations introduce us to magnified versions of the particles that occupy our air; reveal the ways that air is weaponised across the world – but also reconnect us to the healing properties of fresh air.

This exhibitions represent a wider awareness in the importance of good air quality  its an important step forward in the education of all and the lowering of barriers to entry for members of the local area.

Free to attend, find out more here