Increase efficiency and reduce costs with the Camden Climate Fund

News – Friday, July 20th, 2018

For those responsible for accounts, it is hard to ignore the business’s premises energy bill. Demand for heating, lighting and other energy requirements push up costs, reducing profit or budgets that could be better spent elsewhere. High energy demand is also putting pressure on the environment in terms of increased carbon emissions and contributing to air pollution. Businesses across the borough account for around 66% of Camden’s carbon emissions.

It is however relatively easy to make changes that can both reduce energy consumption/costs and your business’s environmental impact, especially with regard to lighting, heating and even energy production. Upfront costs can, however, be a barrier to making these changes.

To address this, in October 2017 Camden Council launched a new fund to support SMEs and third sector organisations, including commercial tenants in council properties, make energy efficiency improvements and generate renewable energy for their premises. The Camden Climate Fund (CCF) provides funding of up to £5,000 towards the installation costs of energy efficiency improvements and/ or renewable technologies. Measures include solar panels, lighting and boiler upgrades. Successful applicants are required to match-fund 50% of costs, plus any additional over the maximum allowance. Watch a short presentation about the fund below.



Businesses supported through the CCF include John McAslan and Partners who upgraded two inefficient boilers to A-rated models. This is expected to reduce annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 2,300kg and has the potential to save the business around £500 a year. Inefficient boilers also contribute to air pollution so the upgrade will have a positive effect on local air quality. You can check the rating of your boiler on the NCM website. If the efficiency is below 83% then it is worth considering an upgrade.

The CCF also recently supported the Phoenix Artist Club who had a range of lighting across the venue, which had low efficiency and high running costs. With support from CCF funding, the venue upgraded the lighting, which is estimated to reduce annual carbon emissions by over 23 tonnes and save an impressive £10,000 a year! You can read the full case studies on the Camden Climate Change Alliance website:

Case study: John McAslan and Partners

Case study: Phoenix Artist Club

If you are unsure of the opportunities available to reduce your energy costs, support and advice are available to you from the Camden Climate Change Alliance. The team can help identify potential measures that can be funded through the CCF as well as supporting you through the application process. You can contact the team at or complete the CCCA’s contact form.

Frances Evans, Camden Climate Fund Lead, Camden Council