Is the existing energy supply market delivering for us?

News – Friday, April 1st, 2016

Written by Chris Havers

What do we consider when procuring energy?

After the proposed changes on energy efficiency taxes and reporting, (Please see previous blog)  there is greater pressure than ever to not only reduce energy demand by measuring, managing and reducing our energy consumption, but to also ensure that we are getting the best deal for our energy.

As businesses and organisations, procurement is something we do day in, day out and many of us are accustomed to thinking about quality as much as price when it comes to purchasing goods and services. So, are we doing this in regards to our energy or do we feel that economic burdens get in our way and price remains the only consideration?

If we’re serious about the environment, then do we need to also think about what we’re economically supporting? For example, are we buying fossil fuel derived energy, green energy, locally supplied energy? Naturally, our choice of energy source needs to be balanced carefully with affordability but in essence, where there is demand from the customer base, that particular market sector will grow and so, as buyers, we need to ensure we’re procuring responsibly.

A change to the status quo

In recent years, the energy supplier market has transformed. From being dominated by an oligopoly of the ‘big six’ energy suppliers, the energy market now also offers a greater range of services. Ranging from regional outfits and low carbon energy suppliers to local authority led partnerships and not for profit models. This means that there is greater choice and more price competition than ever for the consumer.

Is there something better for Camden?

All these market choices and pressures have led us at the Camden Climate Change Alliance to think about how savvy Camden organisations are at making sure that you’re always getting the best deal for your energy? We also want to know what ‘best deal’ means for you. Are you thinking about price only or are you thinking about where your energy is coming from, the quality of the service you are getting and other benefits in line with your organisation’s policies.

I’m based in Camden! what can i do?

So we can understand our Borough’s energy purchasing behaviours and ambitions, we’ve set up the tiniest of surveys (6 questions long) to investigate how Camden organisations are approaching their energy purchasing. Every entrant will be in with a chance of winning a discount of £90 off any of our Alliance membership packages.
If you want to help us, here’s the Energy Supplier Survey.

As always feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions on this topic or our services the CCCA.

Blog written by Chris Havers, Principal Carbon Consultant.