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Case studies and blog posts – Friday, June 28th, 2019

Troup Bywaters + Anders (TB+A) is a high-performing consulting building services engineering partnership that has been ‘bringing buildings to life’ for over 60 years.

Over 200 employees in eight offices nationally deliver exceptional environments across a diverse portfolio from landmark buildings, world-class hospitals to state-of-the-art research and educational establishments.

Sustainability is embedded within their business and is a key part of their business strategy: ‘Sustainability at Heart’. Since joining the Camden Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) in 2011, TB+A have reduced their carbon footprint of scope 1 and scope 2 emissions of their offices in Camden by over 38% and hold the CCCA’s Carbon Champion certification, awarded to organisations that are taking the lead and demonstrating to others how to succeed at carbon management and reduction

Embracing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to drive change

TB+A is broadening its commitment to sustainability by integrating the SDGs into the core of their business. With this in mind, they developed a new sustainability strategy and action plan using the SDGs as a framework. The approach defines priorities for the business across departments considering client operations, project design and their own operations. Working across the organisation ensured integration and delivery through the core business.

They came up with six themes:

  1. Energy and carbon performance (SDG 1, 8 and 11)
  2. Promoting a circular economy (SDG 6, 8 and 11)
  3. Leading on skills and diversity (SDG 4, 5, 8 and 10)
  4. Encouraging Health and well-being (SDG 3 and 11)
  5. Community investment (SDG 11 and 16)
  6. Innovation and leadership in sustainability (SDG 8, 9, 11 and 12)

They have set 21 targets across the 6 themes focusing on addressing specific goals within the SDGs. The plan will be reviewed progressively and will build on previous achievements whilst maximising engagement and identifying and highlighting best practice.

Implementing the Sustainable development Goals has presented challenges such as behavioural change and a shift in mindset. However, by sharing our strategy and commitments, and continuing to engage with our people, clients and partners throughout our journey, we can raise awareness and promote the message on the urgent call for action.

Aligning our sustainable strategies to the UN SDGs and sharing our vision supports and contributes towards addressing the global challenges that we all face. If likeminded organisations all do their bit, collectively we can demonstrate our ethical commitment and values with the aim of making a meaningful difference to the environment and future generations to come.

Peter Anderson, Managing Partner

What is next

Fully embedding ‘Sustainability at Heart’ strategy and action plan over the next five years is a key priority for TB+A. They aim to set objectives and targets aligned with the SDGs, in order to measure their achievements and report on progress with a view to reducing our environmental impact, whilst engaging with and influencing their people and industry partners where they can.

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