LSDC launches report on London’s progress towards meeting the UN SDGs

Businesses, News, Schools, Third Sector – Monday, March 8th, 2021

London Sustainable Development Commission have launched a report on London’s progress towards meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  The report is the first comprehensive assessment of London’s local contribution to the SDGs. It explores the collective contribution of local and regional government, businesses, communities and others, using 110 SDG indicators tailored to London’s context.

It analyses the interconnections between a wide range of issues to show how the ‘co-benefits’ approach of the SDGs can help London make decisions on its green and fair recovery – and beyond.

The report launched on 8th March 2021 provides 5 recommendations:

  1. London’s borough should embed the principles of the SDGs to support integrated decision-making on policy-making and investment, to plan London’s green and fair recovery and beyond – particularly in Borough Plans and recovery strategies.
  2.  The London Recovery Board should continue to effectively implement and integrate its ‘Cross-Cutting Principles’ as a way to embed the principles of the SDGs in London’s recovery.
  3. Businesses, civil society groups, public sector organisations and others should use the SDGs to help develop integrated sustainability plans.
  4. All levels of government, public bodies, business and others, should drive more meaningful community participation in decisions on local policy; investment and budget setting; major developments; and public services.
  5. Further collaboration should take place between national government, the ONS, local government and public bodies, in order to collect and publish SDGs indicator data at the local level, particularly in areas the report identifies as patchy.

Click here for the LSDC report

More information on the work taking place in London on the SDGs can be found on the Greater London Authority website here.