Pledge to become ‘Climate Neutral Now’

News – Thursday, June 1st, 2017


Members of the Camden Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) are already showing leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Why not going a step further and become Carbon Neutral by offsetting those emissions that you are finding hard to reduce.

The CCCA has partnered with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat’s Climate Neutral Now campaign to encourage and recognise organisations for taking voluntary action on climate change.

Becoming a Climate Neutral Now signatory is a 3 step process:

  1. Measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Reduce them as much as possible
  3. Offset remaining emissions, totally or partially, with UN Certified Emission Reductions (CERs).

Many members of the Camden Climate Change Alliance are already measuring and reducing. We invite you to take the third step to go even further, with the additional voluntary support to verified emission reduction projects.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce costs in your business by increasing resource/energy efficiency – this also helps to give your business a competitive advantage
  • Demonstrate leadership by participating and setting ambitious targets as part of a global initiative
  • Help to unite your employees behind a common goal of corporate social responsibility and emissions management (employees can buy CERs to offset their carbon footprint)
  • Receive a UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now certificate stating the period and scope of your pledge
  • Recognition of commitment on the Climate Neutral Now website
  • Use of Climate Neutral Now logo and its promotional assets.

Next Steps

To become a signatory of the ‘Climate Neutral Now’ pledge

Send your questions to the Climate Neutral Now team:

Need help?

If you’re a CCCA member and you’d like additional support around measuring and reducing your carbon emissions contact the team to discuss how we can help

FAQs about Offsetting

Isn’t offsetting just about planting trees?

Offsetting emissions is not just about planting trees! By supporting these projects, you can fund wind farms, help kick start solar projects, deliver clean cook stoves or build hydroelectric power plants. These projects not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also help to provide jobs for local communities.

Wouldn’t the projects happen anyway?

The projects funded through the purchase of CERs would not have been implemented without this funding and support. This is known as ‘additionality’. Projects undergo a rigorous registrations process, and third-party verifiers are required twice in the process.

Can’t we just offset all our emissions?

Offsetting does not substitute the reduction of emissions. Measuring and reducing your emissions as much as possible is the first crucial step, and you should only offset the emissions you cannot avoid.