Members’ Forum

The CCCA provides members with multiple knowledge sharing and networking opportunities. To strengthen our network we have created a Member’s Forum. The Member’s Forum allows members interact and share best practice whenever they want. This is a private Forum therefore your posts are only visible to other CCCA members, so you can make posts in confidence.

Members can use this space to post on:

  • Sustainability and environmental news or blogs
  • B2B offers – We’re happy for you to advertise your services to other members, but please do so respectfully.
  • Upcoming sustainability themed events, workshops or learning opportunities
  • Funding opportunities
  • Award applications
  • Requests for help or assistance

Please do not post any:

  • Spam posts
  • Links to spam websites or sites with adware/malware
  • Bad language or defamatory posts
  • Links to external sites, images or documents that are ‘not safe for work’


The CCCA and London Borough of Camden take no responsibility for the content of external websites. All users are advised that they click on hyperlinks (either to external websites or documents) in member submitted posts at their own risk.

All views communicated on the Member Forum are the poster’s own and not necessarily the views of the CCCA or the London Borough of Camden. Any recommendation or other information posted by members is followed by you at your own risk and we do not warrant the accuracy of the information posted on it in any respect. We reserve the right to remove any message at its sole discretion for any reason whatsoever. This reservation of right to delete messages does not mean that Camden Council assumes any responsibility for the information contained on the site. No failure to remove particular material constitutes an endorsement or acceptance of it by us.

The Camden Climate Change Alliance and London Borough of Camden do not endorse or support products and services advertised through the Member Forum, and users are encouraged to do their own research into events, products and services listed in this area of the website.

Offensive and abusive content won’t be tolerated and the same goes for falsely attacking or defaming any people or businesses in Member Forum posts. Give us your opinion by all means but make it an accurate and measured opinion.

If someone does contact us and alerts us to a post which is offensive, abusive, illegal, or in any way a breach of our terms and conditions or these guidelines then we may remove your content and delete your CCCA account, and membership could be suspended or even terminated.