National Clean Air Day 17 June 2021

Businesses, News, Schools, Third Sector – Wednesday, June 9th, 2021

Thursday 17th June is National Clean Air Day (NCAD) – the UK’s largest air pollution campaign.

Global Action Plan (GAP), the leading charity behind NCAD, brings together communities, businesses, schools, and the health sector on NCAD to improve public understanding of air pollution and its adverse effects.

Air pollution is almost entirely centred on energy use and production. When fuels are burned to power vehicles and heat buildings, greenhouse gases (GHGs) are produced and concentrate in the earth’s atmosphere. In additional to driving global climatic change, GHGs (and other pollutants such as soot and volatile organic compounds) can have adverse effects on everyone’s health when inhaled, particularly children, older people and those with existing health conditions.

Camden Council and the CCCA are driving awareness of air quality by mobilising a series of campaigns:

  • Camden Council has released an inquest statement on air quality, in response to the findings of the Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah Inquest, to highlight its commitment to tackling air quality and the subsequent health crisis (click here)
  • An Anti-idling event will be held at Great Ormond Street Hospital on the 17th June to highlight the importance of cleaner air
  • Camden Council is installing electric charging points along Regents Canal for canal boats which will improve localised pollution along the canal and create a cleaner and healthier space for everyone to enjoy
  • Camden Council is expanding Electric Vehicle charging points – including the installation of 175 EV charging points since the start of Covid-19 (see Camden Transport Strategy)
  • NCAD Air Quality posters will be shown in BETTER gyms and libraries across London (Camden Council AQ Poster)

In addition, the CCCA offers a range of free support and resources on air quality issues. This includes:

The recently launched Camden Climate Pledge also provides an opportunity to showcase your commitment to tackling the climate crisis whilst gaining access to support through the CCCA. To find out more click here or contact

GAP has also produced a collection of free workplace resources to enable employers and employees to gain a better understanding of the importance of workplace air quality for health and to inspire action for cleaner air. For more information, and to access these resources, please click here.