No-cost, energy saving measures for your school

Blog posts, Schools – Tuesday, March 15th, 2022

A study conducted by Power Up North London (PUNL) has found that behavioural change measures which have no cost to schools could save approximately 13 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and provide energy bills savings of up to £5.5k/year!

PUNL secured funding from the GLA’s London Community Energy Fund to quantify carbon and financial savings to be made by low and no-cost energy saving measures at 3 Primary Schools in Camden.

School children participated in a workshop and a survey of the buildings was carried out by post-graduate students from UCL alongside experienced engineers and architects.

Everyone can play their part in helping to embed no-cost energy efficiency measures within schools – from pupils, to governors, to caretakers:

Pupils can:

  • be involved with ventilating the classroom, switching off lights, opening blinds
  • learn how to check for draughts, reduce heat loss and improve their understanding of how efficient buildings work
  • organise questionnaires and energy audits, working with admin/site staff to collect and organise data
  • take their learning home

Teachers can:

  • assign energy efficiency monitors to reset classrooms at the end of each lesson
  • take clothing to adapt to working with heating off after hours
  • plan lessons which incorporate learning about buildings and energy efficiency
  • turn everything off rather than stand-by

Caretakers can:

  • turn down thermostats to 18/19 degrees in classrooms
  • turn on heating later and off earlier
  • leave reminders for teachers leaving lights/equipment on overnight
  • leave high level windows open by an inch in summer nights if possible
  • contribute regularly to staff meetings and log ideas for improvements with the Head

Heads can:

  • add energy efficiency into daily routine/whole-school activities/curriculum
  • assign time for energy efficiency to job description of middle managers/Key Stage Heads
  • ask admin staff to make bills information readily available and in a suitable format
  • give caretaker a regular 5-minute slot at staff meetings and allow colder classrooms post pandemic
  • buy projectors with high power beans to reduce glare

Governors can:

  • set incentives for increased focus on energy efficiency
  • learn from/advise other schools on energy efficiency
  • invest in CO2 monitors for classrooms
  • Ensure funding is prioritised for implementing other measures