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Case studies and blog posts – Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

From 2008/09 – 2014/15 CCCA have helped Camden businesses save over 27,700 tonnes of carbon equating to over £5 million in savings, and we continue to work together to make reductions. One of most recent client case studies is our Premium Member Sheppard Robson

Case study: Sheppard Robson

Sheppard Robson is a British architecture and interior design practice that integrates sustainable and environmental issues into their design and business processes, making sustainability part of how they operate. Sheppard Robson have a target for 5% carbon footprint reduction each year for the next 3 years and have a dedicated Sustainability Group helping to drive a wide range of initiatives including ISO 14001 EMS, a comprehensive staff engagement programme with focused events, and installation of Minimise’s Realtime Online energy monitoring tool.

“We are aware of the essential role we play, as a business, in tackling environmental and social challenges. We believe that mobilising the innovation, talent and productive capacities at Sheppard Robson will accelerate our move to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy” – Sara Ladkani, Sheppard Robson.

Impact and benefits

Since their environmental programme was launched in 2008, Sheppard Robson has reduced their carbon footprint by 43.7%. The CCCA helped Sheppard Robson re-baseline their carbon emissions so they could increase their reporting boundary and include the Manchester office. After seeing cost savings and recognition as industry leaders in sustainability from their London office efforts, Sheppard Robson are now aiming to bring this winning environmental performance across the country. We hope there are more Camden Climate Change Alliance Cutting Carbon Achievements to come.

Key achievements include:

  • 17% reduction in the number of computers left on in the London office since starting their Monitor On Audits.
  • 113 BREEAM projects undertaken, achieving Excellent on 22 of them
  • Designed and built the UK’s first net zero-carbon house to meet Level 6 CFSH
  • Savings of 10.9kg CO2e/100 miles travelled since contracting hybrid cars for taxi journeys.
  • 87% of staff choose a sustainable mode of transport to get to work
  • Have reduced our waste to landfill by 6% since 2013/14 which equates to 7.55 tonnes diverted from landfill for use in compost or energy generation.


Challenges and future plans:

“We have grown substantially in the last year; strictly adhering to the processes set out in our EMS is essential in managing this growth sustainably. Our Sustainability Group holds us accountable for every decision made, ensuring we successfully balance the challenges of growth with opportunities for environmental improvements. We will continue to control and influence behavioural change through good design, leading by example, where possible, to educate clients, staff and visitors on current best practice. We hope that our consistent set of principles and behaviour is recognised by our clients, building users and staff alike, building confidence in what we do and making a positive step towards reducing the industry’s impact on the environment” – Sara Ladkani, Sheppard Robson.

How CCCA can help your organisation

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