Phoenix Artist Club – Following a sustainable path

Case studies and blog posts – Friday, July 20th, 2018


By upgrading to more energy efficient lighting, achieved using financial support from the Camden Climate Fund, the Phoenix Artist Club is estimated to reduce their carbon footprint by 23,915 kg of CO2 per year, which will result in yearly savings of just over £10,000

About Phoenix Artist Club

The Phoenix Artist Club is an independently owned venue situated in London’s West End, who hosts over 700 live productions per year across multiple performance spaces. It supports up-and-coming talent and local creative projects, providing a platform for both local community events and nationally acclaimed high-profile productions. Phoenix Artist Club is multi-award winning, with achievements such as ‘Small Business of the Year’ (Camden Business Awards 2017) and in the Top ‘100 Small Businesses 2017’ (National Small Business Saturday Campaign).

Sustainability path

Phoenix Artist Club aims to become as environmentally friendly and energy efficient as possible, understanding the importance of striving to create a sustainable establishment that can help support efforts to minimise the environmental impact of businesses across the borough. The company invested in new energy efficient water heaters, air handling and conditioning units, kitchen and bar refrigeration systems and house lighting.

Phoenix Artist Club and the Camden Climate Fund (CCF)

Phoenix Artist Club recognised the opportunity to reduce energy consumption by upgrading to higher efficiency lighting in the main performance space and member’s lounge. To achieve this goal, the Club successfully applied for CCF funding, enabling replacement to go ahead in March 2018. The CCF is a straightforward grant which has helped us to continue to invest in replacing inefficient equipment, further reduce our carbon emissions and stabilise running costs of our venue. Applying to the fund was very easy and colleagues from the Camden Climate Change Alliance were, and continue to be, very helpful and supportive. This is a great initiative that encourages and enables small local businesses to invest in energy-saving measures that directly benefit businesses’ bottom line and also engage staff, performers and customers who genuinely appreciate our efforts in this field’. 

Ken Wright, Phoenix Artist Club’s Managing Director

Key Achievements

This new investment is taking The Phoenix Artist Club closer to their aim of becoming a sustainable entertainment venue. The total cost of the project was £7,871.00 and with savings of just over £10,000 a year, the investment will be recovered in less than a year.

Phoenix Artist Club has just been nominated for two awards in the highly prestigious National ‘Great British Pub Awards’. One of the categories is ‘Best Entertainment Pub’ in the U.K. and the lighting rigs play a significant part both in the judges’ assessment but also in helping us win Time Out London’s ‘Most Loved Late Night Venue’ 2018.

Ken continues:

‘Since installing the lighting rigs we have gone on to invest in new energy efficient cellar cooling systems – that was the difference the CCF funding made – it freed up capital to allow us to continue to upgrade worn out and inefficient systems. We couldn’t have afforded both upgrades without support from the Camden Climate Fund’.

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