Policy, Strategy & Targets

Drawing up a simple and clear sustainability strategy for your business is key for your success in this area. Our services include sustainability policy, strategy and business cases.


Sustainability policy

A good policy will guide your business to cut consumption and waste, increase efficiency, meet standards or legislative requirements, improve your organisation’s reputation and ensure you keep up with or lead the market. We can help you develop the correct policy for you.

Guide: Develop your Environmental Policy
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Strategy and targets

There are a number of different approaches to establishing a sustainability strategy from science-based targets to utilising the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a framework. Defining your strategy will reduce costs, provide market opportunities, engage employees, take advantage of policies, assess risk and enhance your reputation, however it must fit well with the current activities of your business. We can help you through the process from:

  • Gap analysis and materiality assessment
  • Engaging with employees across your organisation
  • Analysing impact, defining appropriate targets and actions
  • Ongoing reporting and improvement
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Business case

Our business case reports will help you to make a compelling case for new energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects by quantifying the potential cost savings, direct benefits and indirect quantifiable benefits that you need for project sign-off.

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