Reducing Carbon Emissions in the Workplace

Blog posts, Businesses, Case studies and blog posts – Friday, May 14th, 2021

Whether your business is a small boutique coffee shop on the edge of town or a large multinational conglomerate operating in several major cities, businesses have a fundamental role to play in facilitating the UK’s need to decarbonise to address the climate crisis. With lockdown restrictions set to ease over the coming months, businesses may be welcoming their employees back to the office, meaning workplace carbon emissions may rise in tandem.

In response, the CCCA have complied a list of five key areas in which businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, potentially saving businesses time, money and enhancing their ‘green’ reputation.

  • Create a travel plan

Staff travel in and out of the office may be vastly different to pre-pandemic times. Therefore, now is a great time to create a business travel plan which can identify ways in which staff can travel more sustainably. This could potentially reduce travel costs, improve local air pollution, and increase time efficiency. Access the CCCA’s travel plan guide here.

  • Switch to a renewable energy supplier

By powering your office by 100% renewable energy (particularly from a REGO – or renewable energy guarantees of origin – supplier), your emissions for electricity could be close to zero! This can significantly reduce your businesses scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions. Check out the renewable energy for business guide here.

  • Switch out your offices halogen bulbs to LED

Many offices are luminated unnecessarily. If natural light is not sufficient, using LED bulbs can last significantly longer and use approximately 85% less electricity compared to halogen bulbs. So, when in doubt, switch that lightbulb out!

  • Watch your waste

Adopt the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle in the workplace. Think, is it necessary? For example, email is often a great substitute for printing and re-usable mugs could easily replace disposable coffee cups. Lastly, ensure there are enough recycling bins to ensure your employees consider recycling rather than sending all waste to landfill. Read our page on waste management here.

  • Eco-friendly lunch options

Explore environmentally friendly food options local to your office. That could be food outlets that champion sustainably sourced produce, provide vegetarian and vegan options, or use compostable food packaging. Whatever it may be, building a workplace culture of conscious consumption can not only significantly reduce your businesses carbon footprint but may also foster healthier lifestyles.


Camden Climate Pledge

If your workplace has either mastered or is working towards some or all of the points listed above, consider joining the Camden Climate Pledge. The pledge offers a great way for your workplace to develop alternative carbon goals across eight key sustainability areas which will allow your business to contribute towards Camden becoming a net zero carbon emissions borough by 2030.

Retrofit Webinar Series

Camden Council’s retrofit webinar series offers the latest information on how homeowners, businesses and landlords can modify their existing buildings with equipment and technology to make it more energy efficient. Access Camden’s retrofit webinar series here to access the latest webinar recordings and find out how retrofitting your business will save you money in the long run.