Report your energy data and receive your green credential

News – Thursday, November 24th, 2016

We have simplified the way members can report their carbon emissions data (energy data). We have also updated the criteria of our Marks of Achievement so members who report their data and commit to put actions in place to reduce the energy consumption are automatically awarded the Going Green Mark. So if you haven’t submitted your data yet, you can still do so until 30 December. Follow the link and submit your data now: reporting carbon emissions form.

The CCCA brings together businesses and organisations in the borough who want to tackle climate change. Members of the alliance make a public commitment to measure, manage and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and embed good practice in their organisations. So, being able to collectively report members’ efforts is crucial in building the momentum, trust and support required to demonstrate that tackling climate change makes good business sense.

By reporting your data, you will  be contributing to this year CCCA annual report, where we collectively disclose members’ carbon emissions and reductions. This makes the alliance accountable and more importantly, it provides members with the evidence to continue building their business case towards their environmental commitments. Follow the link to see last year’s report: CCCA Annual Report 2015.