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A Play Street is an event where a road is closed off to traffic for a few hours on a regular basis in order to provide children with a safe space to play freely. Play Streets are…

A volunteer forum of teachers, local authority officers, third sector workers, private sector workers, governors and others, who come together once a term in London to meet, inspire, share and…


Eco-Schools is a global programme engaging millions of children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme in the world…

Guide on data required for your energy reporting

Author: CCCA, published 2018

Learn how the council’s Camden Climate Fund can help you upgrade to more energy efficient measures and install renewables such as photovoltaics at your business, community organisation or school.
Author: CCCA, published 2018

Use this simple guide to develop your environmental policy using best practice principles from ISO14001.
Author: CCCA Published: 2018

Author: CCCA, CRP Published: July 2017


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