Safe travel in Camden consultation – your views needed on changes

News – Thursday, November 5th, 2020

Your views are needed on the changes to Camden’s street. Since lockdown fast paced changes have been made to streets across Camden to help make them safer and healthier including adding 5 new cycle lanes and restricting traffic on 19 residential streets and outside 8 schools.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how communities in Camden live, travel and work. Many residents are spending more time closer to home, making quieter and safer neighbourhoods more important than ever. Camden Council want our streets to have more space for everyone to walk and cycle, for people to be breathing cleaner air, for children to get to and from school safely and for businesses to be able to flourish.

Lots of the changes that were made have been in place for a little while now so residents, businesses and stakeholders are being asked how they think it’s going.

Camden Council have launched a dedicated Commonplace website to gather the opinions of local stakeholders through answering a few questions and sharing any ideas for how improvements could be made.

On the website you can also find all the latest information on each of the different projects Camden Council have completed. This is just part of the engagement process, residents, businesses and stakeholders local to each project will also be checked on directly to find out what they think once each change has had a chance to bed in, and again before the final consultation which will take place after around 12 months.

For all the latest on each of the schemes Camden Council have running please visit and take a look at the new commonplace if you are interested in sharing your views.