Reducing Carbon Emissions Whilst Working From Home

Blog, Blog posts – Monday, January 18th, 2021

​With the majority of us continuing to work from home for the next few months, the CCCA have compiled their top tips for you to share with your employees and colleagues to help  save money on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Whether you’re a homeowner, private or social tenant, there are many ways you can reduce how much energy you use and how much money you spend.

1. Switch off standby
Remember to turn your appliances like your computer monitor off standby when not in use.

2. Use a bowl for washing up
Instead of leaving the tap running.

3. Close your curtains at night
To help to retain heat in your home.

4. Be careful with the kettle
Only boil the amount of water you need each time rather than filling it at the start of the day.

5. Close the door
Keep internal doors closed to reduce draughts.

6. Have a shower instead of bath
Take a 3-minute shower instead of a bath to use less water.

7. Don’t overheat your water
Set your hot water tank to 60°C to prevent water from being overheated.

8. Turn down your thermostat
Reduce the heat on your thermostat by 1°C to decrease your heating bills by up to 10%.

9. Unplug your chargers
When your phone or laptop is fully charged remember to unplug the charger.

10. Take control of your heating
Use the timer to set your heating and hot water to come on when they are needed.

11. Procure energy efficient equipment
Be sure to check the energy rating on equipment which you procure to work from home to reduce energy consumption.

12. Ensure your workspace has plenty of natural light when possible
Choosing a workspace with access to as much natural light as possible will mean that you do not need to have the lights on all day and will therefore save energy.

Visit the Energy Saving Trust website provides for more detailed energy saving tips for varying budgets. The Centre for Sustainable Energy website also provides excellent advice on keeping yourself well and warm through the winter.

Switch energy suppliers

You could save hundreds of pounds per year by shopping around for a better deal on your gas and electricity. This could include switching tariff or possibly supplier.  The Mayor of London has launched a new, fair-priced, green energy company, available exclusively to Londoners, called London Power. Recognising that London has some of the lowest rates of switching between providers in the country, the company has attempted to make switching to them as simple as possible. This includes no engineer/installer visits and no disruption to your supply.

Apply for a Green Homes Grant

Homeowners can apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient improvements in your home. Such improvements could include insulating your home to reduce your energy use, or installing low-carbon heating to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide your home produces. The voucher will cover two-thirds of the cost of eligible improvements, up to a maximum government contribution of £5,000. Time is a factor for this grant as the voucher must be redeemed and the improvements made by 31March 2021. The Centre for Sustainable Energy provides guidance on a wide range of energy efficiency measures, including those which are covered by the Green Homes Grant voucher.

Call the Green Camden Helpline

Many local authorities offer support services to residents, including energy efficiency advice, energy debt relief, potential grant funding and support to switch suppliers. In Camden, this service is provided by our Green Camden Helpline. Please click here for more information.