Share Your Views on Camden’s New Biodiversity Strategy

News – Friday, April 9th, 2021

Camden Council have developed a new biodiversity strategy in response to their declaration of an ecological emergency. The new strategy is the first part of Camden’s ecological plan calling all citizens, community groups, businesses and organisations to cooperate on promoting ecological practices. The strategy encompasses four main categories:

  • To increase natural areas and green spaces across the borough.
  • Ensure council officers consider biodiversity in their duties through expanding awareness and providing additional training.
  • Redirect council resources to biodiversity conservation and promotion efforts.
  • Develop a Nature Recovery Network for Camden – which will create a spatial framework to deliver the Biodiversity Action Plan.

Given that every business impacts the environment and ecosystems within it, the new biodiversity strategy seeks to benefit Camden businesses, customers, people and wildlife by:

  • Reinforcing healthier ecosystems that can stabilise supply chains and avert cost implications of scarcity derived from biodiversity loss.
  • Meeting customer expectations as customers are increasingly seeking environmentally friendly products and services which is likely to have a positive effect in drawing more people to live, work and study in the area.
  • Facilitating more green spaces and exposure to diverse natural habitats and wildlife which is associated with positive effects on mood, heart rate, healing, blood pressure, concentration and stress.

The recently launched Camden Climate pledge considers biodiversity as one of the key aspects businesses can take action on. By signing the Camden Climate Pledge you will contribute to working towards Camden becoming a net zero carbon borough by 2030. CCCA can support you in enhancing Camden’s biodiversity by looking at your supply chains, engaging your staff in adopting practices that enhance biodiversity and general advice on sustainability.

The new Biodiversity Action Plan is a live document which will outline Camden’s key objectives for biodiversity in the borough. The CCCA encourages you to share your thoughts on biodiversity in Camden here, which is open for public consultation until Friday 14 May 2021.